Business Hours:

Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm

2016 and Ranger Firearms continues to Grow:

  • With 2015 in the books and running strong with 2016, we strive to provide a one stop shop for our customers needs.  For those looking to get a suppressor or a short barreled rifle, we are working to make the NFA (National Firearms Act) Process more easier for you.  If you've been wanting to get an NFA item, stop by the shop and ask for Adam for his assistance.

  • Yeti is back in stock, we have a Big shipment of Tumblers and Ramblers for your beverage drinking needs.

  • New Rifles and Shotguns continue to cycle in to the shop:  Rizzini and Bernardelli have made their way in to the shop along with some AR's from F1, HM Defense are now available for purchase.

  • We also received some High Output lights from Fenix as well as Benchmade knives.

Ranger Firearms is San Antonio's premier firearms and outdoors store. Opened in 2014, we have the most current and high quality product line in the area. Our store is focused on serving your needs for your every adventure.