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Firearm Transfers

FFL Transfers

Let us help you with incoming and outgoing transfers.

If you are receiving a transfer from another FFL, please complete the form below. If you are sending a firearm to another FFL, please bring the firearm into the store, properly packaged, UNSEALED, and see a sales associate for assistance. Our fee for receiving incoming transfers is $50.00 cash. Our fee for sending an outgoing transfer to another FFL is $75.00 per firearm, plus shipping charges. Ranger Firearms assumes no responsibility for the condition in which transferred firearms arrive at our store. Transfers received by Ranger Firearms must be picked up within two weeks from the date the recipient is notified that their firearm has arrived, or the firearm will be placed in our gun locker program and applicable fees will apply.

Transfers, consignments, gun purchases (including layaways), and Class 3 purchases are all contingent upon the customer passing a NICS background check. Failure to pass the NICS background check will result in the forfeiting of the firearm or Class 3 product.


FFL Transfer Form